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Energy Savings Guarantee


I talked to many end users about their experience and their concerns regarding energy savings in industrial refrigeration. Majority of them have mentioned about 2 issues.

1. Real life energy savings were significantly less than initial estimation of potential energy savings. Some companies invested more than $100,000 to improve efficiency of their refrigeration plants and they have got just $5,000 - 10,000 in energy savings.

2. To implement energy savings project, significant capital investments are required. During period of economic uncertainty, many companies can not afford these capital investments.

To address mentioned concerns, I initiate new innovative program to save energy in industrial refrigeration. This program is Energy Savings Guarantee.

What do we guarantee?

1. We guarantee real life energy savings. What does it mean? End user will test energy use of his refrigeration plant before and after implementation of energy savings measures. Based on these testing he will be able to determine real life energy savings.

2. We guarantee that total investment of the end user will never be greater than $30,000 and payback on these investments will never be longer than 6 months. In our industry, typical acceptable payback is 2 years. It means that we guarantee return on your investments 4 times better than typical return. Maximum investment of $30,000 means that every company can afford this energy savings.

How does this guarantee work? Five steps should be taken.

Step 1. End user will provide us with information about his refrigeration plant (design, operation).

Step 2. We will determine energy saving measures that can be implemented for the particular refrigeration plant. Potential energy savings will be estimated as well.

Step 3. We will help the end user to implement identified energy savings measures.

Step 4. End user will test his refrigeration plant to determine real life energy savings. Some energy savings can be achieved only on the long run and they can not be determined correctly by mentioned testing. We will give you real life estimation of these energy savings.

Step 5. We will be paid based on real life energy savings. However, 2 conditions will have major influence on this payment.

- End user investments will never be greater than $30,000.

- Payback on these investments will never be longer than 6 months.

I think that this is excellent opportunity for every company to improve energy efficiency of their refrigeration plants with minimum investments and guaranteed energy savings. We will help you to avoid risks related to investment in energy efficiency in industrial refrigeration. I encourage everybody to contact me and participate in Energy Savings Guarantee.  


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