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Company Profile
S K Energy Consulting is owned and operated by Sergei Khoudiachov M.Sc. (Eng.)

Sergei has over 30 years of the multi-national experience in operating and optimizing of the industrial refrigeration plants. His unique combination of the theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the industrial refrigeration let him improve efficiency of the many refrigeration plants for the Gas, Food Processing and Food Storage Industries.

Since 2000 Sergei is improving energy efficiency of the industrial refrigeration plants in North America. His major focus is on cost effective energy savings.

Optimizing operating set points and operating strategies, Sergei can improve efficiency of your refrigeration plant without major capital investments.

With our focus on improving efficiency of the refrigeration equipment you already own, our work is more cost effective than any other approach. Typical payback on our optimization projects is shorter than 6 months and typical investment for these projects is less than $30,000.

There are many ways to save energy in industrial refrigeration. However, major preference should be given to the cost effective approaches that provide significant energy savings with minimum investments.

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