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2. Energy efficient retrofitting
We recommend to our customers this service as a second step after low cost energy efficiency improvements. It is based on the most innovative and cutting edge technologies as well as our own researches in energy efficiency of industrial refrigeration. This project can save additional 5-10 % of your energy cost.

Energy efficient retrofitting includes the following steps:

  1. Estimation of potential savings.
  2. Eligibility assessment for any financial incentives from the utility or government.
  3. Equipment selection.
  4. Estimated implementation and start-up costs based on quotes from contractors of customer's choice.
  5. Project implementation.
  6. Set points optimization.
  7. Savings verification.

When energy efficient retrofitting has been implemented, S K Energy Consulting can choose the optimum set points and operating strategies to maximize energy savings. Vendors and contractors are usually are not responsible for efficient operations, just "correct" operations. We are one of the best in optimization of refrigeration plant operations.

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