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Choose the right consultant


I believe that every company should use the services of energy efficiency consultants. These consultants can be helpful in the design of refrigeration plants, staff education and optimization of refrigeration plant operation.

Every consultant has his own background and experience; however, it is impossible for one person to deliver all 3 services at the highest level that is required from a consultant. Who can help you in staff education as well as design and optimization of a refrigeration plant?

Design of refrigeration plant. Usually, refrigeration plants are designed for maximum refrigeration load and extreme ambient conditions. Every refrigeration plant runs at these conditions less than 1 % of operating time. How do we design a refrigeration plant that will be energy efficient during 100 % of operating time? An experienced designer with good knowledge of energy savings will help you design an optimum refrigeration plant.

Staff education. For smart and efficient operation of refrigeration plants, operating engineers should know the theory of energy savings in industrial refrigeration. An academic consultant can help you better than any other consultant to educate your staff, because he has relevant knowledge and experience.

Optimization of refrigeration plant operation. To maximize energy, savings, the refrigeration plant should operate at peak efficiency. This task requires the knowledge of set point optimization (choose the best set points) and knowledge of the refrigeration plant tuning up for these set points. Most likely, design consultant and academic consultant will not help with this issue, because they do not have experience in tuning up of refrigeration plants.

Example. A refrigeration plant operates at 150 psig of condensing pressure. An academic consultant has determined that optimum condensing pressure is 120 psig. A set point has been changed, but a wrong adjustment has been made. Because of a mistaken adjustment, the evaporator coil has not defrosted properly; water has not drained from the pan and has frozen in it. During the next defrosting, all the water flowed from the pan on to the floor under the evaporator. Condensing pressure set point has been changed back to 150 psig . The refrigeration plant continues to waste energy. A consultant with operating experience and with knowledge of refrigeration plant tuning up would be helpful in this optimization.

To receive the highest level of service, make sure that you have the right consultant for the required job.


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