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Dock Floor Heaving


Recently, I visited a cold storage, which has 5 freezers and a refrigerated dock. Freezers have under floor heating but dock does not have it. The temperature in the freezers is -2 deg F, temperature in the dock is 37 deg F. This is a 25 years old facility and several months ago workers of this company have noticed that the floor on the dock started heaving. An engineering company was hired to drill the holes in the dock floor to measure the temperatures of the under floor ground. They found that in several places, ground under the dock floor is frozen. Maximum depth of frozen ground is 6 feet. Temperature of the dock floor in this area was -5 deg C, because pallets of frozen product were placed before/after of shipping/receiving. Why did this happen now and not 10-15 years ago? In the past, this cold storage was operated 5 days per week. During weekdays, temperature of the dock floor was sub-zero but during weekends it come back to positive temperatures. Several years ago, operation of the cold storage was switched to 7 days per week with no recovery time for the dock floor temperature. Gradually, the ground under the dock floor has been frozen.

To prevent dock floor heaving, the dock of any cold storage should have under floor heating as well as freezers.  


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