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View Subscription Details: Letter ( 12/30/2016 ) - Plain Text Format The Right Way to Maximize Energy Efficiency

I have been asked several times why I began to send my newsletters.
Around 15 years ago, I found that all refrigeration plants were operated at typical set points. These refrigeration plants provided the required cooling but they were using much more energy than required. I began my research to maximize energy efficiency of industrial refrigeration plants. In my newsletters, I have been sharing with you the results of this research. However, the newsletters I distribute contain only free common information about energy savings in our industry. To maximize energy efficiency of your refrigeration plant, this information should be applied properly.
For example. I have mentioned many times, that in order to achieve better energy efficiency of the refrigeration plant minimum allowable condensing pressure should be as low as possible. Recently, I reviewed the design and operation of one production plant. The chief engineer of this plant was a subscriber to my newsletters for many years. He truly believed that minimum allowable condensing pressure for his plant was 110 psig because of hot gas defrosting and liquid supply. I showed him how to achieved minimum condensing pressure of 80 psig and an additional 10% of energy was saved.
What is the right way to maximize energy efficiency of your refrigeration plant?
Step 1. In my newsletters, I provide a lot of information related to energy savings in industrial refrigeration. Try to implement this information by optimizing your refrigeration plant. At a certain point, usually in 1 - 2 years, you will notice that your progress will stall. What should you do? Go to step 2.
Step 2. Find a trusted energy efficiency consultant in industrial refrigeration. It might not be easy but this is the only way to continue the progress. Work with this consultant to improve the energy efficiency of your refrigeration plant. This is a continuous improvement. Ask this consultant for advice relating to capital investments in your refrigeration plant. Sometimes good advice can save you several hundred thousand dollars of unnecessary investments. Why? Very often contractors try to convince companies that in order to achieve energy savings significant investments should be made. However, there are several ways to achieve the same energy savings. Ask for a second opinion and choose the most cost effective method. At a certain point, your progress will stall again. Go to step 3.
Step 3. Try to find another energy efficiency consultant. Why? Energy savings in industrial refrigeration is complex. Very often one person does not have all the information about these savings. Ask others consultants as they may be able to help you. However, remember that in the energy saving process every next step will be harder and harder. It is easy to save the first 10% of energy. It will be hard to increase energy savings from 10% to 20%. It will be very hard to achieve 30% of energy savings. However, it will be much easier if you have the right adviser.
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