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View Subscription Details: Letter ( 04/29/2016 ) - Plain Text Format Snake oil

Today many companies are focused on energy savings in industrial refrigeration. They look for any new approach to these savings. However, some people try to give these companies misleading information. These people sell devices or substances, which are useless or almost useless for energy savings in industrial refrigeration. They try to sell snake oil. How to determine snake oil?
First, look at the description of the device or substance. I found that the language of these descriptions is different from the language you can find in technical papers of major refrigeration conferences. Most likely, people who try to sell snake oil do not have industrial refrigeration background.
Second, they do claims that cannot be checked. For example, they claim that some changes on a molecular level improve efficiency and save energy. Most likely these claims are misleading.
Third, these people claim that they third party tested their product and achieved significant energy savings. I do not trust to these claims. Any energy savings can be calculated. Ask for a calculation of potential energy savings by comparing energy use before and after. Check these calculation yourself or ask someone else to check it for you.
There is no magic devices or substances to save energy in our industry. Only in depth knowledge of design, operation, service and optimization of the industrial refrigeration plants can give you real energy savings. Yes, this is complicated. However, as far as I know there are several people in the world who can help you to maximize energy efficiency of your refrigeration plant without significant capital investments. Find the right one.
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