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Free services


Many people are skeptical about free services. Most likely, because they do not believe that anything can be free. As the saying goes, there is no such a thing as a free lunch.

In our days, many software companies promote their products through free downloads. You can get free full version of software for limited period of time. During this period downloaded software can be tested and a decision about the purchase of this software can be made. Sometimes you can download free simplified version of the software. If you are satisfied with simplified version, full version of software can be bought.

Certainly, it is very rare to receive free services in industrial refrigeration. However, initial optimization of refrigeration plant operation can be done for free. This approach does not require any investment and 20-30% of total energy savings can be achieved. The average annual energy savings of initial tuning up is $25,000. Typical payback on capital investment in energy efficiency is 2 years. This means that you have opportunity to save $50,000 of you capital investment. This $50,000 can be saved without spending a single dollar, because initial tuning up does not require a visit to the plant. This approach, however, requires some effort from operating engineers.

1.     Operating engineers should fill out a simplified questionnaire.

2.     Based on this information a consultant will determine the steps and pace of tuning up. Operating engineers can implement this tuning up step by step without any compromise to safety and production.


To be successful in energy savings, you should be open to new ideas and to new approaches. If an approach is not clear, ask the questions. Majority of us, even professional engineers, have limited information about optimization of refrigeration plant operation. If this optimization is not clear, ask the questions, test new approaches and make your conclusion.

Why not use outside knowledge and experience?  


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