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To be successful


How to be successful in energy savings in industrial refrigeration.


1. Be open to new innovative approaches in energy savings.

I think that we are at the beginning of a long road to energy efficient refrigeration plants. Down this road we will see many different approaches to energy savings in industrial refrigeration. Some approaches will improve the design of refrigeration plants, while others will improve the operation of the refrigeration plants. Design of the refrigeration plant is the foundation for energy savings. However, efficient operation of the refrigeration plant is the final goal of the energy saving process. Find the way to test these approaches and choose the right one for your refrigeration plant. Very often different refrigeration plants require different approaches to energy savings. Compressor VFD can be useful for one plant and almost useless for another plant. I would not recommend using expensive unproven technologies. Very often testing of new approaches can be inexpensive or even free as a promotion. Why not test promising energy saving approaches if they are free?


2. Ask questions.

Energy savings in industrial refrigeration is not a simple task. Sometimes it is not clear how energy can be saved. Ask questions to clarify this issue. I have sent more than 40 newsletters to my subscribers. Surprisingly, I have received few questions about these newsletters. Certainly I do my best explaining the energy saving issues, but all of the information is likely not clear to everybody. If you do not ask questions, you will not get the answers.


3. Change your priorities.  

I have heard my times from my subscribers that they are very busy and they do not have the time for energy efficiency. Every manager and supervisor has a long list of priorities. Where is energy efficiency on your list?  Certainly, you will not have the time for energy efficiency if it is located at the bottom of your list. I think that energy efficiency will become an increasingly important issue from year to year. In a few years it will be the hottest topic of our society. I think that it would be wise to move the energy efficiency up in your priorities list. It is better to anticipate government regulations, than to follow to these regulations.


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