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Energy saving team

Many company owners and senior executives are increasingly focused on reducing costs and energy use. Typically 5 - 15% of energy use by refrigeration plant can be saved without major capital investment.

Successful, energy saving process requires a team effort to solve the problems. This team is centered around company employees but also involves contractors, vendors, consultants.

Review of the refrigeration system, equipment, operation control strategies and maintenance practices should be done to identify and make specific changes that will improve the process and produce energy savings. Low-risk changes can be made on the spot and a watch list is compiled for possible problems that could arise. Other changes are phased in so that the system response can be observed over a period of days and weeks.

Example. Set point of condensing pressure was lowered from 150 psig to 140 psig. The following operating processes should be monitored: hot gas defrosting, liquid make-up for low pressure vessels, oil cooling for screw compressors and so on. If any problem arises, it should be corrected by certain adjustment of refrigeration plant.

Tuning up of refrigeration plant requires team effort. However, two major players in this team are: chief engineer (supervisor) and energy consultant.

Chief engineer, usually, has a long history with the refrigeration plant. His insight into operation, past problems, system peculiarities and limitations are valuable in creating a plan for improvements.

Energy consultant will enhance the process of tuning up by providing a combination of theory and practicality. He typically has implemented identical or similar measures in other plants. This experience lowers risk and helps to make a decision on viable solution quickly. He also provides the energy expertise to calculate the cost and benefits of specific changes. This expertise also helps keep emphasis on true energy savings and avoid half solutions without a true energy benefits.

Team approach and step-by-step tuning up of refrigeration plant does not require a major capital investment and very often will give you over 50 % of total energy savings.

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