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View Subscription Details: Letter ( 06/30/2016 ) - Plain Text Format Moisture on the Dock

During summer operation, many companies have issues with moisture on the dock. Water drips from the ceiling, floors become wet and slippery.
Why dose this happen?
Unfortunately, many buildings are poorly designed and they have vacuum because of misbalance between capacities of make up units and exhaust fans. The initial step to reduce the amount of moisture on the dock is to minimize vacuum in the building.
Dock evaporators operate as the driers. Moisture condensates on the dock evaporators and flows to the drain. To reduce the amount of moisture on the dock, capacity of the dock evaporators should be equal to the dock refrigeration load. In that case, they will run nonstop and the moisture issues will be minimized. Sometimes oversized dock evaporators can keep required temperature on the dock but not dock humidity. This is similar to home central air conditioner. Assume that a home required 3 TR cooling to keep required temperature. If this home has 5 TR AC units, the unit will cycle on and off. Home temperature will be kept as required but humidity will suffer. 3 TR units will keep temperature and humidity of this home at the required levels.
To reduce humidity on the dock, dock evaporators capacities should be adjusted based on actual refrigeration load and these evaporators should operate nonstop.
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