Letters' List (HTML Format)
12/28/2017How low can we go?
10/11/2017Floating Condensing Pressure
06/30/2017Dock Floor Heaving
04/30/2017Ice in the Evaporator Pan
02/28/2017Calculation of Energy Savings
12/30/2016The right way to maximize energy efficiency
10/31/2016Energy saved by VFDs (2)
08/31/2016Energy saved by VFDs (1)
06/30/2016Moisture on the dock
04/29/2016Snake oil
02/29/2016Do we need an energy efficiency adviser?
12/29/2015Tight Budget
10/27/2015How good are they?
08/31/2015The cost of final optimization
06/30/2015Floating condensing pressure without expensive PLC
04/30/2015Evaporator brining
02/26/2015Energy Savings and Operators
12/29/2014Part load operation of screw compressor
10/31/2014Do you have right consultant?
08/29/2014Investment in optimization
06/30/2014Energy audit
04/30/2014Good and bad investmnets in energy efficiency (3) Condenser fan VFDs
02/28/2014Good and bad investmnets in energy efficiency (2) Screw compressor VFD
12/30/2013Good and bad investmnets in energy efficiency (1)
10/30/2013Investment in optimization
08/28/2013Design, installation and operation of the evaporative condensers
06/28/2013Summer energy savings
02/26/2013Normalized Energy Cost
12/28/2012Hot gas defrosting and flow
10/29/2012Summer Optimum Condensing Pressure
08/28/2012Ammonia heat pumps
06/29/2012Heat recovery
04/30/2012Major energy saving measure
02/28/2012Estimation of potential energy savings
12/19/2011To steam or not to steam
10/12/2011Energy Savings Guarantee
08/18/2011Ask questions
07/29/2011Design conditions and energy savings
06/28/2011Professional advice
05/25/2011We are OK
04/25/2011Frost sublimation
03/14/2011How to optimize hot gas defrosting
02/23/2011Efficient Operation
01/17/2011Two approaches to energy savings
12/16/2010Electrical energy is cheap
10/14/2010Cool weather
09/16/2010Operating strategy of cold storage facilities
08/23/2010Three steps
07/29/2010Verification of the energy savings (2)
06/18/2010Do we have the expertise to optimize operation of our refrigeration plant? (3)
05/25/2010Do we have the expertise to optimize operation of our refrigeration plant? (2)
04/26/2010Do we have the expertise to optimize operation of our refrigeration plant? (1)
03/29/2010Ammonia condensate in the hot gas main
02/22/2010Pressure drop in hot gas line
01/12/2010Oil Carry-over
12/15/2009Energy Saving Tips
11/20/2009We float condensing pressure
10/14/2009Step in the right direction
09/10/2009The best time to save energy
08/24/2009Energy savings by VFDs
06/16/2009Hot gas supply
05/26/2009Two approaches to hot gas defrosting
04/23/2009Operating engineers and optimization
03/09/2009Condensing pressure for hot gas defrosting
02/12/2009Winter operation of evaporative condensers
01/13/2009Global economic crisis and energy efficiency
12/17/2008Free services
11/21/2008The most important part
10/24/2008Flexible defrost
09/25/2008Flexible operation of refrigeration plant
08/28/2008Real energy savings
07/24/2008To be successful
06/17/2008Operating engineer
05/05/2008The goal
04/22/2008Investment in compressor VFD
03/03/2008You have a choice
02/05/2008Free energy savings
01/14/2008Choose the right consultant
12/11/2007Wet bulb approach (2)
11/20/2007Keep it simple
10/09/2007Remote tuning up
09/12/2007Water in ammonia system
08/09/2007Air in ammonia system
07/10/2007Efficient refrigeration plant
06/19/2007Better control
05/08/2007Energy saving is a good business
04/11/2007Wet bulb approach
03/13/2007Energy saving team
02/14/2007Investment in screw compressor VFD
01/09/2007Choose the right approach
12/11/2006Verification of energy savings
11/09/2006Contractors and energy efficiency
10/17/2006When to save energy?
09/05/2006Temperature and level controls in industrial refrigeration
08/18/2006Load management/reduction for cold storages
07/04/2006Misconceptions in Industrial Refrigeration
04/18/2006Trading for energy savings
03/07/2006Investment in energy efficiency
02/17/2006Optimized hot gas defrosting(2)
01/09/2006Optimized hot gas defrosting (1)
12/12/2005Frost on the evaporator coil
11/14/2005Optimized suction pressure (2)
10/24/2005Optimized suction pressure (1)
09/14/2005Minimum allowable condensing pressure. Space heating.
08/23/2005Minimum allowable condensing pressure. Liquid injection oil cooling.
07/12/2005Minimum allowable condensing pressure. Liquid supply.
06/14/2005Minimum Allowable Condensing Pressure. Hot Gas Defrost.
05/17/2005Floating Condensing Pressure
03/08/2005Cost - effective energy savings
02/15/2005Ideal refrigeration plant
01/31/2005Why should I save energy? Why should I hire energy efficiency consultant?